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Wonder talks NY Giants and some players for the upcoming draft

Wonder is rolling out his own blog, a general NFL site.  He was nice enough to share some thoughts that are targeted particularly for the UltimateNYG NY Giants fans.  Remember, these early draft remarks will be subject to change in coming months, but it does give us an early taste for what is out there.

Maybe I’m an optimist..BUT, IF the Jints win Sun. nite- THE BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR BY FAR- I think they win the NFC E courtesy of Cowboy horrible coaching at AZ.
EARLY draft pick possibilities for JINTS:

1. LB !! either a. Manti Te’o (junior elig..if he comes out)- classy, solid, tough..all over the field..good character…BUT
LIMITED athleticism for MLB  so won’t be awesome….I need to wait for combine drills to see his “footwork/agility” against “men”

b. Vontaze Burfict- MY GUY…head case, but BEAST..I would hope his “character issues” move him down and Jints can grab him…he WILL be a difference maker IF he’s “treated” corrrectly….24/7 !! would be BEST JINTS LB in 20 yrs IMO… I say they MUST get this guy even if they have to move up a little IF he checks out, etc…he’s combo of Singletary/Brooks except “issues”

2. OG– David DeCastro….again, usually don’t like OG this high…BUT, I believe he’s CLOSE (not quite) to Iuapati..and READY for NFL

3. S– Mark Barron…only S worth 1st round pick…can go “both” ways…it’s time to admit Phillips is not the guy…maybe
it was talent, maybe it was injury..BUT Jints need to get better on the back end…Not saying Barron is Thomas or Berry coming out…but he WILL be a good solid pro…

Obviously, all of this is premature until I get into more film and the COMBINE,etc…but thought it might whet the appetite of this NY Giants blog..AND I think some or all of these guys will be avail when they draft…I know they need a RB, BUT I don’t think they can afford to take one with 1st rd pick…S or LB or Oline…IMO…

also, need more eval..but POSS:  Melvin Ingram-started as a LB, but has played DE last couple of years…non-stop
motor…needs to be graded and drilled to see IF he can play LB full time (may only be good for a 3-4 OLB and not for Jints..have to see), Courtney Upshaw, LB, Jarvis Jones LB, Kevin Reddick (jr. elig) LB…please note I DO NOT like Luke
Kuechly…he’s at best an OK LB…not worth 1st rd…