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The NFL at Week 12

Wonder goes around the league and gives us the pulse of all 32 teams.  Pass the turkey and gravy.

Can you win a playoff game for the first time since ’07?
NYJ- Super Bowl? Really Rex??!
BUF- Showing their true colors.
MIA- 3-7 is more accurate than 0-7.

PIT – The Steelers always show up for the post season.
BAL- Dr. Jekyll, meet Mr. Hyde.
CIN- Fighting hard but falling back to earth.
CLE- Can any NFL team be this boring?!

HOU- Even a non-fan really has to feel a little bit sorry for Houston
TEN- Under M in the dictionary for Mediocre.
JAX- P for pathetic.
IND- Trying to get Luck-y.

OAK- Could be a tough team, will win the west.
DEN- Hard to believe such a bad team w such a bad QB can win 4 of the last 5.
SD– How can Norv Turner possibly still have a job? 
KC- Amazing what injuries can do to a team in the NFL.

NYG- Assuming losses to GB and NO, sweep of Dallas needed for the playoffs. 
DAL – Second half cupcake schedule = NFC East victors.
PHL- Giant charity.
WAS- Only 2 possibilities: 1) Shanahan is washed up 2) Shanahan is overrated and only won because of Elway and TD.

They should be barred to make it fair for everybody else.
DET- Fun team to watch, still a year away.
CHI- Cutler’s loss is un-bear-able.  
MIN- A long way to go in rebuilding.  What a shame to waste the best years of AP’s career.

Scary team in the playoffs.
ATL- Solid but not elite.
TB- As predicted, a down year.
CAR- Cam will be awesome.

Harbaugh’s coaching staff is making the most with the least.
SEA- Tough to figure out, but until you get a QB, you can’t win.
AZ- Really? A second round pick and DRC for Kolb??!!
STL- Another injury-decimated team, but does not excuse the results in 2011.