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Wonderama- End of the Reg Season

We spoke with Wonder on Sunday night after the Regular Season had just finished

 to get his review of all 32 teams.  Some of it, like Redskins/Shanahan and Giants/Coughlin, came after this. It nonetheless lets you know where his head is regardless of what has transpired the past few days…

NE– Hey Belichick, ain’t kharma a bitch?!
MIA– The worst division winner from last year came back to earth.
NYJ– Can, or will, Sanchez become the Sanchize next year??
BUF– ..and the playoff drought continues.

CIN– Cincy can win this weekend if the WRs hold onto the ball.. Jets praying for 30 mph winds.
BAL– Don’t overlook the Ravens. No penalties + no turnovers = victory this weekend.
PIT– A lot of playoff teams are breathing easier w Pitt gone from contention.
CLE– Only the Browns could rally at season’s end to ruin their draft position.

IND– Same installment again.. Peyton should get paid extra for being Offensive Coordinator.
JAC– Folded like a cheap suit down the stretch. 7-5, lost their last 4.
HOU– One MLB/enforcer away.
TEN– Can Vince build on this?

SD– This might be their year.  Too bad no Jamal Williams.
DEN– So the NFL is a little tougher than you thought, eh McDaniels?!
OAK– Is Al Davis a worse owner than JaMarcus Russell is a QB?!
KC– Remember what Wonder said, the Chiefs will be back in 2012.

DAL– Physical.
PHL– The amazing vanishing McNabb.
NYG– Do whatever you can to get Bill Cowher.
WAS– Do whatever you can to get Bill Cowher.

MIN– Big sigh of relief, as they can now get to Miami via the dome.
GB– Cardinals not done yet.
CHI– Do whatever you can to get Bill Cowher.
DET– For once, there is hope at the end of the season.

NO– Better wake up Drew, the party’s starting..
ATL– They’ll be back.
CAR– Better find yourself a QB, Gentlemen.
TB– Has a rookie HCoach ever looked this overmatched?!

AZ– Can old man Warner hang in there for another year?
SF– Guess what Singletary, you can’t do it all with smoke and mirrors.
SEA– Time to blow it up.
STL– Give Spags three more years, he’ll get there.