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Wonderama Q1 2011

Wonder goes around the league with his quick hits on all 32 teams.

NE– If they only had to play offense, they’d be 19-0.
MIA– The Sparano watch is in full swing.
NYJ– Is it too late to draft Josh Freeman instead of Mark Sanchez?
BUF– How can you come back from 21 down to beat NE, only to lose to CIN after being up by 2 TDs?

CIN– Hard to believe they have won 1 game, much less 2.
BAL– If they look like bullies when Flacco is 8-29, imagine how they will look when he plays a decent game.
PIT– Still not giving up on the Steelers.
CLE– You can blame it on Mangini, but he’s not there anymore, is he?

IND– Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  Can any one player really make that much of a difference?
JAX– Hard to believe Del Rio’s swan song is being played out by a rookie QB.
HOU– Still not sold on their D.  They’ll miss Andre, but Tate and Foster can bring it.
TEN– Amazing what a competent QB can do for a team.

SD– Is Norv actually not going to F it up this year?
DEN– Elway or no Elway, these guys are pathetic.
OAK– The silver and black are a comin’.
KC– Has any club been decimated by injuries more than the Chiefs?

DAL– Will the real Tony Romo please stand up.
PHL– Yo Vince, dream this!
NYG– Beware the second half schedule.
WAS– Still think they s*ck.

MIN– Has Donovan filed his retirement papers yet?
GB– There are two leagues, the Packers and everybody else.
CHI– Jay Cutler is entitled to hazard pay.
DET– I do love the Lions, but they need to send Romo a Xmas gift.

NO– The best of the rest.
ATL– VERY disappointing.
CAR– Can Cam Newton really be this good?
TB– Is Josh Freeman the real deal?

AZ– You cannot lose a 10 point lead with 5 mins to go in the NFL.
SF– I knew Harbaugh would be a great coach, but 3-1 w/ Alex Smith as your QB is really impressive.
SEA– Pete Pete Pete- seriously, Tarvaris Jackson?
STL– Bradford should sue for non-support.