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Wonderama: The NFL After 6 Weeks

Wonder runs through the NFL after 6 weeks:

Buffalo- So bad, they needed 6 INTs to nip a team in OT.
Miami- They’ll try, but they won’t succeed.

New England- Right there in the AFC hunt.
NY Jets- Did I hear someone say Browning Nagle?

Baltimore- 3 brutal losses in a row, don’t count them out.
Cincinnati- Their season peaked too early.
Cleveland- Mangini truly is the executioner.. of his own team.
Pittsburgh- The AFC road may still have to go through the Champs.

Houston- Can Kubiak get them to 9-7?
Indianapolis- As long as they have Peyton, they are a threat to win it all.
Jacksonville- The definition of mediocre.
Tennessee- I’d sure like to see if I get to keep my job if I perform like that (Fisher).

Denver- Some things in the Universe you just can’t explain.
Kansas City- Not as bad as everyone thinks.. they have a future.
Oakland- I’d sure like to see if I get to keep my job if I broke someone’s jaw.
San Diego- Has anyone ever gotten less out of good teams than Norv Turner?

Dallas- Wade Phillips, meet Norv Turner.
NY Giants- Even an excellent team lays an egg now and then.
Philadelphia- The NFC’s version of “Some things in this Universe you just can’t explain.”
Washington- Is Jim Zorn worse as a coach than Snyder is as an owner?

Chicago- Cutler, Forte, Knox give this franchise lots of promise for the future.
Detroit- Schwartz has them going in the right direction.
Green Bay- Did the coach forget that you need an offensive line?
Minnesota- Repaired biceps tendon equals fountain of youth.

Atlanta- Watchout New Orleans, Atlanta is coming.
Carolina- Oh how the mighty have fallen. P.S. see Tennessee.
New Orleans- Can they really be as good as they look?
Tampa Bay- Bet you wish you had Gruden and Brooks back.

Arizona- Will always be scary as long as it is not cold, windy or snowy.
St. Louis- Poor Spags. He deserves hardship pay. 
San Francisco- Their defense better be really good because their offense can’t score.
Seattle- If you can figure them out, let me know.