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Wonderama Week 13

Wonder runs through the NFL after 13 weeks:

Buffalo- TO’s hiring meant Jauron’s firing.

Miami- 6-6 is pretty good for a team that could be 2-10. 
New England- Does Belichick have Alzheimers?
NY Jets- 6-6 is pretty bad for a team that could be 9-3.

Baltimore- Sophmore slump.
Cincinnati- Since when did the Bengals learn to play defense?!!!
Cleveland- They were hoping the Arena League wouldn’t fold so that they find a place to play competitive football.
Pittsburgh- Losing to the Raiders? At home? In December? By giving up 3 TDs in 5 minutes? Are you kidding me?!

Houston- Needs the original (Shanahan) instead of the clone (Kubiak).
Indianapolis- I thought a coach (Peyton Manning) was not allowed on the field during the game?!!
Jacksonville- For those begging for playoff expansion, just look at the Jags (almost a lock for the playoffs) for why we don’t need any more of these teams.
Tennessee- On a roll until the Colts decided to play a full game.

Denver- The league’s worst 8-4 team will be cannon fodder in the playoffs.
Kansas City- Haley and Pioli in 2012.
Oakland- What does it mean when Bruce Gradkowski is a significant upgrade over your franchise QB?!! 
San Diego- The league should be wary of SD.  SD fans should be wary of Norv Turner.

Dallas- Will Santa Claus ever show in Dallas again?
NY Giants- A win on Sunday means a January feast.
Philadelphia-  A win on Sunday means a January feast.
Washington- Hard to believe they are actually playing for Jim Zorn.

Chicago- See ya Lovie, wouldn’t want to be ya.  
Detroit- Schwartz has them headed on the right track.
GB- Is this the same team that Rodgers asked for disability from?
Minnesota- Favre comes down to earth. So do the Vikings.

Atlanta- Another sophmore slump.
Carolina- Congratulations to the underachievers of the NFL. 
New Orleans- 16-0, here we go!
TB- Whoever thought Morris was going to be a good coach should get another job. 

Arizona- Here come the Cards.
St. Louis- Spags will get it going.  They just have no talent.    
San Francisco- Singletary’s act is wearing thin.   
Seattle- No great Shaun Alexander = No great Seahawk team.