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Wonderama Week 8

Wonder runs through the NFL after 8 weeks:

Buffalo- Is Dick Jauron really still their head coach?
Miami- Dolphins petition the NFL to play the Jets 16 times per year.  

New England- The only team that might be able to beat the Patriots is the Patriots. 
NY Jets- The first team to ever lose a game when giving up104 yards on defense. 

Baltimore- Could be scary.
Cincinnati- I didn’t know Cincinnati was allowed to have a good football team.
Cleveland- Kouhanis is gone; when will the ax fall on Mangenius?
Pittsburgh- Has there ever been a tougher QB than Roethlisberger?

Houston- They might finally be learning how to win. 
Indianapolis- I’ll take Peyton, you can have the rest.
Jacksonville- Del Rio might be headed for Rio.
Tennessee- Can they really ressurect Vince Young’s career?

Denver- Still could be the 2 seed. 
Kansas City- Patience required.
Oakland- Is Al Davis really still alive? 
San Diego- What has happened to SD’s ability to control the two lines of scrimmage? 

Dallas- Dumping TO enables the emergence of Miles Austin.
NY Giants- Giants fans demand a recount.
Philadelphia- Eagles need to move to a dome to leverage Jackson and Maclin.
Washington- Zorn should have stayed a QB.

Chicago- No defense and no WRs makes Jay Cutler a dull boy.  
Detroit- What’s worse, going 0-16 or losing at home to the Rams?!
Green Bay- Cheeseheads, eat your heart out, Favre’s a Viking.
Minnesota- If Favre wins the Super Bowl, Jets and Packers fans will descend en masse and create mass murder scene in Hattiesburg MS.

Atlanta- Stock went up on Monday night despite the loss.
Carolina- Delhomme should apply for an early retirement package.
New Orleans- Wonder’s in love.    
Tampa Bay- Scary thought, that Raheem Morris may have less of a clue than Mangenius. 

Arizona- Jekyll and Hyde.
St. Louis- Spags gets Papal dispensation.    
San Francisco- Calm down Niners fans, it is going to take Singletary a couple of years.   
Seattle- Is there a more fragile QB than Matt Hasselbeck?