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Wonder’s 2011 Draft Board

Wonder’s 2011 NFL Draft Board

Wonder’s 2011 NFL Draft Board + Positional Sort 

Some players moved a little bit in order to refine and solidify the final order.  Of note, QB Colin Kaepernick moved up to 41st in the draft.  Also of note, Mark Ingram dropped to 44th, moving from first to fifth RB overall, due to the possibility of an arthritic knee. 

Wonder’s Top 5 Value vs Consensus.  These are 5 players that he has evaluated and feels most strongly about VERSUS consensus.

DE Cameron Jordan
DE Cam Heyward
LB Martez Wilson
LB Dontay Moch
QB Colin Kaepernick

Wonder’s Bottom 5 Value vs Consensus.  These are 5 players that he dislikes vs consensus.

QB Cam Newton
CB Prince Amukamara
LB Akeem Ayers
DE Adrian Clayborn
S Ahmad Black

Wonder still has Cam Newton ranked 16th in the Draft, so he recognizes the freakish ability/upside he has. But Newton is expected to go in the Top 3 in the Draft, so against that consensus, the player is being overvalued.  He can be a good pro, but as is the case with many highly rated QBs, they get picked too high.  Contrast this with Sam Bradford last year, who had injury risk (still does!) yet Wonder gave him a ‘2’ rating and was comfortable with him going in the Top 5 in the Draft.