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Wonder’s 2014 NFL Draft Thoughts- Part 2

So you still aren’t on Twitter? Follow us during the draft as each pick unfolds, and you won’t see the Draft the same way ever again.  We’ll be commenting from a Giants perspective and give quick takeaways on trades that are made (yes, the Patriots ALWAYS make good trades because everyone ALWAYS overpays to move up for the Patriots’ pick).

In Part 1, we noted Wonder’s man crush on TE Eric Ebron.  Wonder has not had a man crush on a player in the middle of Round 1 like this since Earl Thomas back in 2010.

Let’s take a step back and look at macro drafting philosophy.  All drafts have positions of strength and positions of weakness.  This is critical.  You can’t overdraft positions of weakness.  What often happens is that teams with needs where the draft is thin tend to get motivated and then overpay to trade up to get a player at that position. This is how mistakes get compounded.  You draft the position which is overloaded because there is more than enough for everybody (who has a need at that position).  A classic example of the latter was the 2010 TE class: Moeki, Pita, Gronk, Hernandez, Graham.  You could throw darts.

This is the worst QB draft in many years.  None of these guys are 1st round talent, objectively speaking.  But because of need, they get pushed up.  We need to see as many of these guys go before #12 as possible.  What is the strength of the 2012 draft?

TE- good, but not great.
WR- phenomenal depth (not Super at the top, but solid in R2 and R3)
OL- really good in this draft. R2-R4 quality depth. If your guy is there at 12, pick him, but R2 and R3 will be a lot of quality for the Gmen too.  This is why Ebron makes so much sense if available at 12.  You take him and you get a solid OLman in R2.

Defense in this draft is overrated.
DL- mediocre, do not reach here.
LB- decent quality, but not the depth you want.  If you see a decent LBer in R1 (Mack or Barr), take him and then get your OLman in R2.
CB- amongst the best in recent memory. Serious quality of depth, not the Revis or Sanders quality, but DEPTH.
S- really good.  The Secondary has plenty of good players as late as R3.

Let’s talk about some of the other players being slated in the mocks for the Giants and review them:

CJ Mosley–  Another overrated Alabama defensive player.  VG, but take him at the end of R1 or even early R2.  Just not a difference maker. Not explosive.  Really good, but not great. I do not think he will be great, and drafting in R1 is about finding great.  Needs to be a MLBer in a 4-3.

Taylor Lewan–  Another one of my guys.  If he is there at 12, go get him.  (Someone has to be there).  Typical Michigan, show up, solid, will play, can block. Can run block, pass block, solid everywhere.  Doesn’t have speed or althleticism of Robinson.  Probably has better technique. More NFL ready. Road grader. Plug him in and play him!

MikeEvans– #2 WR in the draft.  Not really fast. But protypical size, takes contact and he catches the damn ball.  He goes up and he gets the ball.  He will not be there at 18 for my Jets.  In today’s NFL, he is worthy of a R1 pick.  Great red zone target.  His value in today’s NFL has gone thru the roof.

Zack Martin–  Pretty interesting.  After the first 3 OL, Martin is not far behind. Do not take him at 12 just because the other 3 are gone.  He is R2 talent. But I do like him.  Will be a good pro.  Not great, good. Very solid.

Aaron Donald– DT  End of R1. But has to play opposite a Warren Sapp-type (3 technique) in the right system. Will be a good pro. SEA or SF, makes a lot of sense. Not for NE or DEN.

MEMO TO JERRY REESE- Do not get Cedric Jones-ed. If the player you want is not there because too few QBs were picked, do not pick Donald or Martin at 12.  TRADE THE F*** DOWN to 20-25 and take someone with quality.  Wonder is spelling it out for all of those who have h*** ons for Donald and Martin…  These are two good players who will be good pros.  BUT NOT AT #12 IN THE DRAFT.  You cannot settle for a “solid” player at 12 in the Draft. You need to find GREAT.  It is going to be there as long as a couple of QBs get taken ahead of the Giants.