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Wonder’s Final Draft Board

All of the individual positions have been released, so let’s look at the compiled list by overall ranking…

2010 NFL Draft- The Top 200 Rankings and Ratings by Wonder.  (Hit the ‘+’ button on the right side a few times to zoom in to read all of the information.) 

The thing that jumps out is the 5 undervalued and 5 overvalued players.  Sure, Wonder has more than a few sleepers, and in the next two weeks we’ll have time to talk about them.  But let’s give a little bit of attention to the green and the red. 

Trent Williams
Earl Thomas
Jerry Hughes
Maurkice Pouncey
Golden Tate

Jimmy Clausen
Jason Pierre-Paul
Anthony Davis
Brian Price
Mardy Gilyard

The first thing that jumps out at you is Trent Williams… how can he be “undervalued” when he is already going in the Top10 of Top15 of most people’s drafts?  Well, this is where Wonder is sticking his neck out and saying that guys like Bulaga (42) and Anthony Davis (37) will not deliver the way Trent Williams (5) will.  Look at Eric of NFL House- he has Bulaga ahead of Williams, like most draft analysts.  This will be interesting to follow the next few years.

When I see the comments and color provided on players like Earl Thomas

“Best instincts of anyone I’ve seen on tape in 10 years at Safety (210 lbs)”       

that has to give you a lot of confidence that this analysis is different and meaningful.  Most have Earl Thomas as first round material, some in the Top 15, but 8th ranked and a ‘1’ projection for multiple pro bowl special player?  Not too many are this emphatic. 

On the subject of being unequivocal, look no further than Jimmy Clausen.  Wonder does not mince words.  He gives him a 4 (the first 4 with the highest ranking, owing to the position of need for all in the NFL, Quarterback), indicating his career will look more like Rex Grossman than anything else.  Grossman the replaceable starter.  I find the disagreement with Eric notable, as he has him a ‘2’ All Pro ranked 9th in the draft.  This is why there is so much confusion in the draft.  In 3 and 5 years we’ll see who is right.

A quick comment on the Giants.  Wonder notes players in particular who would be good fits with the gmen.  Some here and around the net are asking about taking RB C.J. Spiller in Round 1.  I asked Wonder the same question.  His response: “You guys need LBer desperately. No.”  For those of you thinking RB, look at Ben Tate at 41.   

Bottomline: There is no hedging with these Ratings.  We made it a little uncomfortable, but this is how you get accountability.