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Wonder’s Jints’ BITS !!

some observations:

1. The main reason our pass rush has been weak lately is that we are NOT getting the push up inside..Robbins is not blowing up the pocket the way he was earlier in the season..as a result, the OT’s can push Tuck, Kiw OUTSIDE, which forces their QB’s to step up in the pocket…which, at least recently, has led to success for our opp…what do we do ? we either run stunts with Tuck looping around up the middle (which takes TIME) or, as I prefer, we randomly mix in blitzes RIGHT UP THE MIDDLE..do not let their QB be comfortable and “step up” inside…

2. The coaching staff MUST stay on Eli to use his LEGS when throwing, particularly in bad weather..he must STEP/LEAD forward with his LEFT leg “aiming” at his target…the superior footwork will enable him to be successful in the wind/cold..I actually believe there’s a part of Eli that’s “afraid” to step up and follow through b/c of the fear of banging his hand/thumb against a helmet as well as increasing the chance of taking a brutal hit…he must have FAITH in his OL to allow him to FINISH his toss….

3. Gilbride MUST get his offense to focus on PLAY-ACTION and short, timing routes in the next 3 games as they will be CRITICAL for our playoff run…win or lose, Eli must get COMFORTABLE with our game plan for the playoffs..and Toomer, Smith, and Boss must have expanded roles in the short/intermediate game..also, Hix MUST develop a better rapport with Eli in the 10-15 yd. range…the double moves/faking a skinny post/to complete a 15 yd out MUST be part of the plan…

4. These items MUST be addressed and implemented in the Cowboys’ game…even if we lose, we MUST be “comfortable” and READY with our new identity (w/o plax) for the Panther game !!

go JINTS !!