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Yet more (yes, new post) wounded

It’s a good thing it is not April 1st or else this would be a sick April Fool’s joke.

Bryan Kehl broke his index finger, needed surgery, he is week to week, meaning he will miss this week’s game.

And if that were not enough, Michael Boley went from ~2 weeks with a knee injury to now where it is a torn miniscus, out 4 weeks. He had arthroscopic surgery yesterday morning.

I am not a Physician.  I am not a physical therapist.  I am not a personal trainer/athletic conditioning coach.  How is it possible to speculate anymore on how this rash of injuries will affect the team?  I have never seen anything like it in all my years.  Yes, I have seen other teams get ripped apart by injuries, but I really cannot add anything that will give insight into whether these issues derail our team or not.  You tell me.  I am quite honestly ill from all of this, as what could have been a great season is clearly in jeopardy. 

The Giants are 16 point favorites over the Raiders.  Like we said, this is not about now, it is about Week 6 and beyond.  But losing Boley for 4 weeks?  How effective is Manning?  Will we ever hear from Canty again? Ross? We heard that Sintim may be able to get activated for special teams.  This is a great team on paper but what does that mean when so many players are not playing?  You can comment and give the rest of us answers.  I have no clue whether these injuries are minor enough to overcome or significant enough en masse to break us.  The reason why is because we have NOT seen any competition yet.  We have not been tested playing without all of this key personnel.  This reminds me of the late 1980s when we had Super Bowl hopes every season and something seemed to go wrong each year.  Frustrating.  Championship opportunities do not grow on trees.