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You can never have too many Jason Sehorn posts

Ed Valentine at Big Blue View is doing a series where he walks up the jersey numbers from 1 to 99 and highlights a particular Giant player who wore each # proudly.  On Thursday it was #31.

Jason Sehorn was Ed’s choice.

Good choice indeed.  Jason Sehorn was a flash of light that made being a Giants fan a lot of fun.  Okay, I admit it, I had a man-crush on the guy.

My wife met him at the Summit Car Wash and got his autograph for me when he was a rookie.  I lost it.  He got really good and then my stepfather started calling me every time Sehorn made a great play, busting my b*lls- who was that guy? what was his name! Laughing I wrote Sehorn a letter a year later, told him the story and got another autograph from him. Whew, off the hook!

There is a link in BBV’s article to the full piece written here on the 10th anniversary of his injury.  That day was one of the low points in my entire life as a Giants fan.  This guy had a 10 year career and that was WITH the knee blowout.  We will never know, we can only speculate, but I believe he would have added 1 or 2 Super Bowls to this team if he remained healthy.

I miss his magic.  While I preach here on this site to keep score with championships, I also do admit to being entertained by those special athletes who can catch their own lightning in a bottle.  Watching Shockey run over players was phenomenal.  Watching Sehorn make magic before his injury had me thinking about the great 80’s defenses.  Watching Strahan vs the run was another spellbinding exhibition of athleticism and grace that had you begging for more.  Watching Fran Tarkenton as a kid was literally magic, the way he escaped and made plays.  And of course the greatest performances ever that I have been treated to as a fan were those days of LT.  Taylor was a missile of speed and strength I have never seen before or after his days.  And to see him wearing blue was just incredible.

Today, we have some pretty good players.  Justin Tuck, when healthy, is fun to watch.  The sack-strip-scores of Osi never get old.  Mario Manningham, when he catches the ball, has a grace that is elegant.  I think Nicks will be able to entertain us in great ways.  #44 is a personal favorite-  it would be a treat to see him healthy again and have a coordinator that is more than willing to get him the ball in space.  Last year’s catch and run (hint- screen pass!) vs the Raiders is something we can get so much more of.. if he is indeed back to 100%.

The athleticism of Sehorn was something I will always treasure.  I had the privilege of being there on that Saturday night when he picked off that throw by tipping the ball to himself and running it in for a TD.  That was after his injury.  We were robbed of so much more, but that is football.  Thanks Jason, for entertaining us.