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Welcome back to Around the Combat World, where fighters that you know or should know competed away from your television set over the weekend.


  • Tomoki Kameda defeated Pipat Chaiporn [UD]
  • Gary Corcoran defeated defeated James Gorman [R5 TKO]
  • Michael Katsidis defeated Josh King [UD]
  • Demetrius Andrade defeated Jack Culcay [SD]
  • Richard Commey defeated Hedi Slimani [UD]
  • Rico Ramos defeated Erik Ruiz [UD]
  • Davit Kiria [Won Kunlun Fight 70kg Group 4 Tournament, Kunlun Fight 58]
  • Superbon Banchamek defeated Edye Ruiz [Decision, Kunlun Fight 58]
  • Baret Yoshida defeated Ron Henderson [Submission, Five Grappling Super League]
  • Tammi Musumeci defeated Janet Bishop [Submission, Five Grappling Super League]
  • Bia Mesquita defeated Talita Alencar [Decision, Five Grappling Super League]
  • Leandro Lo lost to Tarsis Humphreys [Decision, Five Grappling Super League]
  • Angela Lee defeated Jenny Huang [R3 TKO, OneFC: Warrior Kingdom]
  • Emi Fujino defeated Natalya Denisova [R2 Submission, RoadFC 37]
  • Mamed Khalidov defeated Luke Barnatt [R1 KO, Absolute Championship Berkut 54]
  • Mike Wilkinson lost to Brendan Loughnane [R1 KO, Absolute Championship Berkut 54]
  • Bubba Jenkins lost to Ali Bagov [R2 Submission, Absolute Championship Berkut 54]
  • David Mitchell lost to Ibragim Chuzhigaev [R3 TKO, Absolute Championship Berkut 54]
  • Robert Whiteford defeated Nam Phan [R1 Submission, Absolute Championship Berkut 54]
  • Garrett McLellan lost to Paulo Henrique Costa [R1 TKO, UFC Fight Night: Belfort vs. Gastelum]
  • Rony Jason lost to Jeremy Kennedy [UD, UFC Fight Night: Belfort vs. Gastelum]
  • Robin van Roosmalen defeated Risto Dimitrov [R1 TKO, Final Fight Championship 28]
  • Travis Fulton lost to Admir Bogucanin [R1 Submission, Superior Fighting Championship 16]
  • Nazareno Malegarie defeated Issei Tamura [R1 Submission, Pancrase 285]
  • Mamoru Yamaguchi defeated Ryuichi Miki [SD, Pancrase 285]
  • Masakatsu Ueda defeated Victor Henry [UD, Pancrase 285]
  • Yuki Kondo lost to Takaaki Nara [UD, Pancrase 285]