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Welcome back to Around the Combat World, where fighters that you know or should know competed away from your television set over the weekend.


  • Cecilia Braekhus defeated Erica Anabella Farias [UD]
  • Ryan Burnett defeated Lee Haskins [SD]
  • Marat Grigorian defeated Antonio Gomez [R2 KO, Glory 42]
  • Serhiy Adamchuk defeated Dylan Salvador [UD, Glory 42]
  • Zinedine Hamuer-Lain defeated Freddy Kemayo [R1 KO, Glory 42]
  • Nicolas Wamba defeated Jhonata Diniz [UD, Glory 42]
  • Yoann Kongolo defeated Yohan Lidon [UD, Glory 42]
  • Artur Kyshenko defeated Gabriele Casella [Decision, Kunlun Fight 62]
  • Singdam Kiatmuu9 defeated Gu Hui [UD, Kunlun Fight 62]
  • Superbon Banchamek defeated Artem Pashporin [Decision, Kunlun Fight 62]
  • Buakaw Banchamek defeated Kong Lingfeng [UD, Kunlun Fight 62]
  • Leonardo Nogueira defeated Ricardo Abreu [Decision, Fight To Win Pro 36]
  • Fabio Costa defeated Justin Brunet [SD, Fight To Win Pro 36]
  • Diego Saraiva defeated Seth Daniels [Submission, Fight To Win Pro 36]
  • Shane Campbell defeated Tristan Connelly [R3 Submission, Unified MMA 31]
  • Seo Hee Ham defeated Mina Kurobe [R3 TKO, RoadFC 39]
  • JJ Aldrich defeated Chan-Mi Jeon [UD, UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs. Lewis]