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Luke’s Weekly Top-25


Early every week, UCS’s Luke Irwin will list the twenty-five fights he’s most looking forward to catching the most, based on absolutely no analytical data or substantial criteria.


Just like in Your Weekend in Combat Sports, fights are color-coded to differentiate.


Boxing is in RED.
Muay Thai/Kickboxing/Karate is in BLUE.
Grappling/Jiu-Jitsu/Wrestling is in PURPLE.



25. Bantamweight Bout: Donavon Frelow (6-2) vs. Ricky Simon (9-1) [Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series]

24. Featherweight Bout: Daguir Imavov (10-2) vs. Kamil Lebkowski (16-5) [Fight Exclusive Night 18]

23. Middleweight Bout: Taronze Washington (17-23) vs. Yamaguchi Falcao (13-0) [Fire on the Bay]

22. Junior Lightweight Bout: Cesar Seda (27-3) vs. Rogelio Casarez (13-5) [Fire on the Bay]

21. Lightweight Bout: Bruno Miranda (9-3) vs. Won Bin Ki (4-4) [RoadFC 41]

20. Featherweight Bout: Frank Baca (16-4) vs. Randy Steinke (17-11-1) [Iron Boy MMA 7]

19. Lightweight Bout: Pedro Gonzalez (12-5) vs. Saul Almeida (19-8) [CES MMA 45]

18. 160lb No-Gi Bout: Brittney Elkin vs. Peggy Morgan [Fight To Win Pro 44]

17. Featherweight Bout: Dumar Roa (5-5) vs. Roman Salazar (10-6) [Iron Boy MMA 7]

16. Heavyweight Bout: Nikoley Rachek (5-4) vs. Virgil Zwicker (15-6) [League S-70 Plotformas 2017]

15. WBC World Female Heavyweight Championship: Alejandra Jimenez (c) (8-0) vs. Vanessa Lepage Joanisse (3-0) [Mexico Televisa Boxing]

14. Lightweight Bout: Bruce Boyington (14-10) vs. Nate Andrews (10-1) [CES MMA 45]

13. Light Heavyweight Bout: Jamelle Jones (7-4) vs. Mike Rodriguez (8-2) [Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series]

12. Featherweight No-Gi Bout: Bruno Baz vs. Jose Hermoza [Fight To Win Pro 44]

11. 175lb Black Belt Bout: Anniss El Hallahay vs. Rick Hawn [Fight To Win Pro 44]

10. Heavyweight Bout: Chris Barnett (15-4) vs. Hyun Man Myung (4-3) [Road FC 41]

9. Heavyweight Bout: Jake Heun (10-6) vs. Mu Bae Choi (12-6) [Road FC 41]

8. CES MMA Heavyweight Championship: Ashley Gooch (c) (10-5) vs. Juliano Coutinho (7-3) [CES MMA 45]

7. Featherweight Bout: Julio Arce (12-2) vs. Peter Petties (5-2) [Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series]

6. Bantamweight Bout: Grachik Engibaryan (7-3) vs. Josh Hill (15-2) [Fight Nights Global 72]

5. Middleweight Bout: Luis Melo (30-15) vs. Vyacheslav Vasilevsky (31-5) [League S-70 Plotformas 2017]

4. Flyweight Bout: Alex Perez (17-4) vs. Kevin Gray (9-3) [Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series]

3. Heavyweight Black Belt Bout: Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Shaun Durfee [Fight To Win Pro 44]

2. Junior Middleweight Bout: Omar Chavez (36-3-1) vs. Roberto Garcia (40-3) [BeIn Sports Boxing]

1. Middleweight Bout: Travis Stevens vs. Yuri Simoes [Fight To Win Pro 44]