Watch: Phillie Phanatic salsa dances with umpire Laz Diaz

Whether it’s driving a four-wheeler around the ballpark or shooting a hot dog gun at a pig mascot, Phillie Phanatic has been known to pump up crowds with his entertaining antics. And he can dance like a pro—other mascots dare not challenge him.

But umpire Laz Diaz had no problem engaging in a dance-off with the team’s mascot during Wednesday night’s Astros-Phillies game. And he showcased his best moves. Apparently, it was salsa dance night at Citizens Bank Park.

Phanatic was decked out in his sharpest attire for the occasion. And even Jimmy Rollins was out there strutting his stuff.
GIF: Salsa dancing with Laz Diaz and Phillie Phanatic (1)
GIF: Salsa dancing with Laz Diaz and Phillie Phanatic (2)

This is nothing new for Phanatic. Roughly one month ago, he was challenged by a young man to a dance-off. And, of course, he won. Really, who can top this?
GIF: Phillie Phanatic wins dance-off

Phanatic is one of the most entertaining mascots in all of sports, and it’s always fun to watch and see what he’s going to do next.

And while Diaz has a reputation for being a bit unlikeable and argumentative at times, it was good to see him let loose and have fun—even if it was only for a brief moment.


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