Video: Pirates Josh Harrison eludes would-be tags in rundown with crafty jukes

When MLB players are caught in rundowns, they’re rarely able to avoid being tagged out without an error or gaffe of some sort.

But in Sunday’s Pirates-Rockies game, Josh Harrison did just that by utilizing a variety of jukes, cut-backs and some good old-fashioned speed.

After stealing second base on a 1-0 count in the sixth inning of the game, Harrison accidentally slid past the bag, and the pursuit was on.

Two players had excellent chances to tag him out. Rockies shortstop Josh Rutledge froze up and literally just stared at Harrison after he was off the bag with the ball in his glove. And catcher Wilin Rosario attempted to make the tag, but Harrison juked him so badly that he fell down and dropped the ball.

The Rockies challenged the play, claiming Rutledge’s tag at second stayed on Harrison after he slid past the bag. But it was reviewed and upheld.

Fun fact: This is actually the second time in which Harrison has safely got out of a rundown in the last 30 days. That feat is extremely impressive and speaks volumes about his quickness.

What’d we learn from all this? Harrison is fast and elusive, and the Rockies are inept when it comes to playing defense.


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