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2010 NFL Draft Lies: A Nittany Lion in Gophers Territory?

Here’s one for you: the possibility of another athlete quarterback being drafted by the Vikings who can’t actually throw the ball, something I have heard can sometimes be crucial when playing the position. Pretty sure there’s some crazy rumor about that. Courtesy of ESPN Insider:

The Minnesota Vikings were the first team to interview Darryl Clark and they apparently really liked him. This is according to the source who tells ESPN affiliate Nittany Network that the Houston Texans are also interested in Clark.

There have been concerns about Clark’s accuracy. Todd McShay writes, “Clark notched 21 reps on the bench press, which is good if he’s moving to running back. The problem is he’s too bulked up and it affects his overall accuracy as a passer.”

Of course, the Vikes and Texans might have some hybrid position in mind for him.

You’ve got to be shitting me, right? Darryl Clark? The guy that choked against Iowa? He reminds me of Nesbit, the big guy from Georgia Tech. If either of them end up as a QB in the NFL I will destroy everything I’ve ever known, because it means something is staged. And trouble with his accuracy? Cool. That’s not exactly a premium in the West Coast Offense or anything.

They could just give me the money and I’ll throw errant balls to the organizations delight.