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2013 Vikings Training Camp Coverage – (For The Real Vikings Fan)

Hello PJD fans, followers, and lurkers. If you are a periodic reader of this site and my name seems unfamiliar to you right about now … let me introduce myself. No, I'm not the next "woman" to give my "view looking in." And no, I didn't hack my way into the system to take over and rule PJD (yet). I'm definitely not a sexy Vikings cheerleader, nor am I here to participate in the Shirtless Vikings photo-op. 

What I am here for is to provide all of you stuck behind your desk at work, or those at home salivating to get a mere glimpse of Purple Jesus, with coverage of your 2013 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp! 

If you're looking forward to me podcasting for an hour about analytics of analytics, a breakdown of where I'm sitting, the angle of the sun and/or a bunch of x and o terms, this probably isn't the coverage for you.

If you're looking forward to: "Hello ladies and gentleman, this is Cristy reporting live from outside of the training camp dorms since 3 AM…" This probably isn't the coverage for you.

Vikings coverage tends to get monotonous this time of year, doesn't it? Therefore, I find myself and 5 other media outlets reiterating, "Ponder hands if off to Toby, he runs for 2 yards, and is forced out of bounds," rather pointless. As in every reporter/blogger, it is my job to make you want to visit this site and read my coverage. How can I outdo a thousand dollar budget, a crew, fancy equipment, and 24/7 on-field and media access?

Hence, why I'm going to do things a little bit differently this year. This blog is unique. It's unlike any other out there. I'm not going to bore you with a 10 page blog post on how every second went of every practice. I'm not going to give you a rundown of every single play. Instead, I'm going to feed you knowledge through my eyes, of the activities and emotions that often go unnoticed at camp. I'm going to give you the unusual, the unheard of and the unique. 

Yes, I can describe who is having a strong camp and who is struggling. But I also can tell you who's working overtime once practice ends, who has the best sense of fashion on the field, who's late, who's early, who is the most vocal (and what they are saying), who seems to get along with who, how each player gets around on campus, what their attitude is towards the fans, which coach is next to get fired, and which has the potential to lead this team into the future. This is your coverage; therefore, I will provide you with what YOU want to know. I will answer YOUR questions. What other reporter can say they work for you?

So we'll start this journey together! Tomorrow … 

Now, if you're getting antsy just reading this, feel free to follow me on Twitter for updates on my camp preparation at @CBrusoeWriter or email me questions you have or information you want me to obtain for you while in attendance. Email is Cbrusoewriter@gmail.com.

I thank you for the opportunity and look forward to the feedback of the real Minnesota Vikings fans.