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2014 Vikings Cheerleader Calendar Showcases Huge Brainy Quotes

It seems like every year the Minnesota Vikings release a new Vikings Cheerleader calendar, and every year they fail to take our advice from previous seasons. “Hey, maybe the team should be throwing the Shirtless Vikings fans a bone every once in a while, and make a calendar featuring hot shirtless men?” You couldn’t print easier money. But every year they ignore our pleas, and seem to release the same old T&A calendar of Vikings cheerleaders in scantily clad clothes, thrusting their buttocks or breasts into your faces when you’re just trying to see what the date is today.

Well. I am FINALLY happy to report that we’ve gotten one step closer to equal opportunity. This last week, the Vikings again released their newest 2014 Cheerleader calendar, and while they didn’t showcase sweaty men with their shirts off, they did – surprisingly! – showcase women with a bit of thought behind them.

You see, three women were chosen by the fans to appear on the cover of this year’s Vikings cheerleader calendar. The fans couldn’t have picked three better winners, because this year, on the inside of the calendar, every month, the featured cheerleader gets to leave their favorite quote to inspire their fans for an entire month. Typically, people choose classic poetic quotes, or life inspirations to include as their featured saying, but these three women went above and beyond to provide something unique for Vikings fans the entire next year. They have provided quotes to not only inspire Vikings fans, but to also strike fear into the hearts of opposing fans everywhere!

Purple Jesus Diaries has been able to obtain these exclusive quotes and for the first time share them here for Vikings fans to see. Check them out below, and make sure you purchase your Vikings cheerleader calendar this season so you can be inspired all season long!