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A Favre Dong Witness Question Mark?

It seems much longer than just a week ago when the Favre-Dong story broke ground, yet here we are almost all having forgotten about it aside from snide Croc jokes and lecherous old man comments. UNTIL THIS FLOOZY BROUGHT IT BACK!!

That more-machine-than-woman you see there with the busted face is named Allison Torres (link MNSFW?). She has crazy amounts of nude pictures on the internet, so you may be arrested just for reading a website that has her name on it. Also, I did my due diligence trying to find a viewable one for us all, so YOU ARE WELCOME. Anyway, back to why this is relevant. Towards the end of last week she did an interview with Playboy radio where she talks about being hungover Jersey Shore style, her connections and relationships with former FSU Cowgirl Jenn Sterger, and her impressions of the Favre dong shots, meaning that, yes, she saw the infamous dong shots, which now means at least TWO untrustworthy and potentially attention hungry women have claimed these things to be real.

While there is really zero reason to believe any of this still, I still choose to do so for a couple of reasons. First, it is hilarious and has given us all further reasons to make fun of Crocs. Second, Allison here claims that the dong in the photos “wasn’t even, like, a good hard cock shot” which allows every other male out there feel a little bit better, because although this guy has a Super Bowl ring and will be a first ballot Hall of Famer, he apparently still can’t get it up for a photo.

Of course, that just may be called “getting old” which I hope to avoid.