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Aaron Rodgers: Accomplished Photobomber?

Aaron Rodgers is a recent Super Bowl MVP quarterback and notorious derper who might date linebackers or at least really shitty country music singers. He also apparently is an accomplished photobomber, as the mysterious internet has deduced. Through tedious and seemingly trivial archiving of (See: Masturbating to) the Green Bay Packers website photos, people have noticed Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers appearing behind these posed images time and time again. Is it nothing more than conspiracy theorists digging too deep to try and discover all they can about their man crush? Perhaps he has a sixth sense granted to him through steroid use and deals with the devil? Whatever it may be, we know that he clearly can’t be trusted, and when he finally comes to play for the Vikings in 13 years, you bet your ass I will remain wary of him.

Larger photo with more examples after the jump. Try to find him in all of them! It’s like reading “Where’s Waldo?” except somehow more gay: