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Aaron Rodgers Loves Lesbians

Thanks to Deadspin for translating this recent radio conversation between Super Bowl winning quarterback and dater of linebackers Aaron Rodgers and some shaft blowing sports talk station, but apparently Aaron Rodgers gets all squishy inside over Ellen Degeneres:

What about Ellen, how was that?:
“I was real nervous for Ellen, I really was. I even told her, I said, ‘I wasn’t nervous for the Super Bowl, but I’m pretty dang nervous for your show.’ But she was great. I’ve become a bigger fan over the last few months as she’s voiced her strong feelings about our team.”

She is such a jersey chaser, this is outrageous.

On one hand, I’m not surprised. Oh, Rodgers like the Ellen Degeneres Show? Of course he does! He also has been to every Lillith Fair, Western Conference Finals game in the WNBA, and drives a bitchin’ Subaru. He is extremely knowledgeable in fashion accessories like belts, as well I hear. These are all pretty straight things, so enjoying Ellen isn’t a big surprise.

I didn’t watch his appearance on the show, largely because I have a horrible dry heaving problem when I see Ellen’s withering, degenerating (GET IT!!!???) face, but also because I have a life, job, purpose, and prefer watching something that has boobs during my TV time. I’m guessing it was horrible though. I’d link a video of his appearance for you but I don’t really care. I just wanted to write a post that had “lesbian” in the title.