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Aaron Rodgers: Teaching Women How to Bowl

I’m going to cross some blasphemous lines here real quick and say that, as a Bro Mauer type of guy, that Aaron Rodgers dude is alright. Him calling out Kornheiser and Jaworski for sucking on Monday Night Football is pretty hilarious (and spot on), his Twitter battle with Todd McShay was taken straight out of my mouth, and in general, we all like people that sport terrible looking mustaches (I’m talking to you too, Pavano). But, Aaron, you’re a Green Bay Packer, which of course means that you suck at life, but I didn’t know that it means you also tend to bowl like a girl.

My favorite parts of this video after the jump …

– Greg Jennings isn’t that great either. You would think for a receiver normally swift on his feet that he wouldn’t let the weight of an eight pound ball (I’m guessing that’s what he’s using) throw him off balance so much. Guess what? It does! Note to self: Replace footballs with Nerf balls before Packers-Vikings games. VICTORIOUS!

– Is Aaron Rodgers wearing a DC skating hat? What is he, 12? And took a time traveling machine back to 1994?

– What is Jerome Harrison doing at a charity event? Shouldn’t he be robbing old ladies or beating up children and making them eat dog shit? It doesn’t add up.

– All these fuckers could raise was $5,000 to build poor people homes? Listen, Habitat for Humanity is doing great work addressing a serious need of affordable, safe, and weather efficient housing in our country. Uh, could you not fork over $5,000 EACH and try to do something a bit more? So, this is just a night out bowling with the fellas? Which one of you tried getting all rapezy in the bathroom? Come on, Greg …

– I was trying to figure out why the hell they are in Kalamazoo. Apparently Greg Jennings is from there originally. How much you want to bet that this is his only stop back home during the year? I bet he doesn’t stay there overnight, either. Tough career for this guy so far. From Kalamazoo to Western Michigan to Green Bay. That’s called lateral movement, my friends.

– “And honestly Kalamazoo’s an area where we don’t get a lot of celebrities ::INSERT SHIT EATING GRIN:: or, so called celebs …” That’s what I love to hear. An athlete acknowledging that they’re celebrities instead of athletes or just football players. And you wonder why we all hate rich people, TOM CRUISE.

– I’m also not a huge fan of the NBA Draft results that are scrolling along the bottom of the screen, especially when it shows the Wolves. I suppose this is called karma or something?

Really though, good work for them and I hope Kalamazoo gets some new houses. You think the Green Bay townies are jealous THEY don’t get a fundraiser for new houses? I say yes.