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Acting Cordial: Talking Bills and Vikings with Buffalo Wins

It’s back! Acting Cordial is the easiest article we get to produce all week on this stupid blog, because someone else does half the work for us. In reality, it’s a great opportunity to see what’s going on with this week’s Vikings opponent, dig inside their diseased minds, and find out just how badly we’re going to get our testicles heel-stomped. This week, we team up with Bloguin brother “Buffalo Wins” to ask the TOUGH QUESTIONS heading into this VERY important Friday night game … in the …. preseason … Whatever. Read on as we discuss Chan Gailey possibly not being a moron, Super Mario Williams living up to expectations, and if we’re state-based Eskimo brothers thanks to the horrible winters.

Be sure to head over to Buffalo Wins today as well, as I answered a slew of their questions, too. They should be up later today. If we’re being honest here though, this Q&A is far more entertaining because Joe at Buffalo Wins took the bait and was a lot more offensive in his responses than we were. Regardless, there is some great, lofty, INSIGHTFUL, interviews in both spots. Check them out on their blog, or on Twitter if you want to harass them during the game when McLeod Bethel-Thompson accidentally goes Jim Kelly on their asses and leads us to an EPIC win.

On to the questions!

Purple Jesus Diaries: What are the expectations for Bills fans this year? The Patriots are still tough, but the Jets seem like a circus and Miami isn’t any better. Can you guys compete for the division title or playoffs?

Buffalo Wins: Playoffs? Yes. Division? I don’t think so. The Pats are just too good in my opinion. They are always a 12-14 win team and have beaten the Bills like 15 out of 16 times. I think we match up well against them, but they are just always great and unless Brady dies or takes a trip on the love boat with Dante, they are the division leaders. I do think the Bills can finish 10-6 if their defense plays to their capabilities and Fitzpatrick plays like he did the first half of last year. The AFC has a lot of teams in that 10-6 realm. Broncos will be better, Ravens and Steelers are the same, and the Jets have God (Tebow) on their side. It will be tough, but not out of the question.

PJD: How excited are you for Mario Williams? Has he been doing well in camp, and do you expect a significant impact from him on your defense?

BW: Very excited for Mario Williams. The Bills pass rush has been a fucken disaster for years. Like McNabb and Bret Favre in their final year disaster. In four of the last 5 years, they ranked 27th or lower in sacks. They needed an outside rusher badly. They have the makings of a great front four. Kind of like what you guys had a few years back with the Williams boys and Allen. They got Kyle Williams, who if healthy, can disrupt the offensive line with his quick off the ball penetration (Was that too sexual?). Marcell Dareus was a top 3 pick last year and played well as a rookie with not much help around him. Kelsay is your typical white defensive end that everyone says has a high motor. Off the bench, they have Shawne Merriman, who I hope decided to get back on steroids to become a terror again (Dont bank on it). Mark Anderson had over 10 sacks last year for the Pats as pass rush specialist. They should be able to get the QB.

PJD: Who is one rookie or newcomer for the Bills that we should keep an eye on during Friday’s game?

BW: Probably Mario Williams. I’d also keep an eye on Stephon Gilmore. He’s our rookie 1st round pick at corner. He’s been the rave of camp so far on defense and has a physical build to him, kind of like Antoine Winfield. He’s our starter, so check him out. Also, Vince Young plays for us and he’s battling the immortal Tyler Thigpen for the backup job. Reminds me of the Rich Gannon/Sean Salisburry battles of 1992.

PJD: Do you have any up-and-coming cornerbacks that are hitting free agency soon that we could steal? Still love me some Antoine Winfield!

BW: Fuck Tom Donahoe for letting Winfield leave! Fuck Mike Tice for actually doing something good for your franchise besides scalping SB tickets, having a giant pencil on his ear, drinking at frat parties, and developing the disastrous Randy Ratio. As for people you can steal, you can take Leodis McKelvin. He’s a free agent after this year. He’s a former first round pick who completely sucks. Jairus Byrd may be the most underrated defensive back in the league right now. He’s our starting SS and he’s set to be a free agent after this year. Very versatile player who can support the run and be a ball hawk in the backfield.

PJD: I stand corrected on Chan Gailey. I thought he was going to just stand on the sidelines and drink prune juice, but he actually coached a football team pretty well. What next great steps can he take with this team?

BW: Yeah. I didnt think much of Gailey either when he got here. But he’s done a good job with the offense. Stevie Johnson was a nobody before Gailey took over the team. Fitzpatrick was a disaster under Dick Jauron, but he’s been better, albeit, inconsistent. He’s a great offensive minded coach and I actually wish the Bills surrounded Gailey with higher caliber offensive players. The Bills are one of two teams that don’t have a 1st or 2nd round pick invested in the TE/WR. They are into making chicken shit into chicken salad. Fans like Gailey a lot. I’d be stupid not to say it may have to do with him not being Dick Jauron or Gregg Williams or Mike Mularkey, who were all assholes/shitty. It is kind of like fucking 10 girls who were all fat and disgusting, then all of a sudden you get a skinny girl who is somewhat good lucking. Do you see what I mean? The juror is still out, but, I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far. However, this is a big year for him. 6-10 won’t cut it. Playoffs motherfucker!

PJD: Are we kind of like kindred spirits because of how cold and snowy it gets in our respective cities? It was hot as hell here this summer, but I am looking forward to some classic football weather in a couple of weeks.

BW: I’m a transplant living in NYC. But yes, Buffalo had great weather this summer, but usually, when people complain that it is too hot, I usually tell them to shut up because they will be complaining when they are shoveling 10 feet of snow come January. I like watching bad weather games on TV, not when I’m actually there.

PJD: Game prediction that doesn’t matter a ton since this is the preseason?

BW: 65-23, Bills. Who the fuck cares. As long as no one gets hurt from slipping on one of Cullpepper’s vibrators from the Love Boat. Everyone wins!

Well, that is just an outlandish prediction and I will not accept it. Additional Culpepper vibrators? That’s a definite go, however.

Anyway, thanks Buffalo Wins, and … Uh … Best of luck on Friday, totally! LOL. Just kidding. I hope your team has to play Vince Young all year.