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Acting Cordial: Talking Vikings and Colts with Colts Authority


Welcome to Acting Cordial, which is the easiest article we get to produce all week on this stupid blog, because someone else does half the work for us! In reality, it's a decent way to see what's going on with this week's Vikings opponent, dig inside their diseased minds, and find out just how badly we're going to get our faces sat on. This week, we team up with Bloguin brother "Colts Authority" to ask the TOUGH QUESTIONS heading into this VERY important second game of the regular season, where we have the potential to go 2-0 on this young season. Read on as we discuss Andrew Luck expectations, what the hell a Chuck Pagano is, and what having a new stadium is like. It SOUNDS cool, but we wouldn't know.
Be sure to head over to Colts Authority today as well, as I answered a slew of their questions, too. There is some great, lofty, INSIGHTFUL, interviews in both spots, so don't hesitate to travel there and insult them through trash talk. Check them out on their blog, or on Twitter if you want to harass them during the game too, when we break Andrew Luck's neck just like Peyton Manning's. HURRAY!
On to the questions!
Purple Jesus Diaries: The Colts had a tough start to the season in Chicago. What could you pin point that happened which led to the loss?
Colts Authority: There were a lot of reasons for the loss, but the biggest ones were the weakest points on each unit. For the offense, it was the offensive line, which was inconsistent in run blocking and just plain bad in pass protection. On defense, the defensive backfield screwed the pooch and let the Bears' receivers get the ball whenever they wanted to. 
PJD: I'm not going to say I'm happy for you guys that you get to go from Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck, because I'm not. But how excited are you?
CA: Whenever you go from one legend to a guy who could be the next one, it's an exciting time. For a lot of fans, it's the most they've been excited for this team in a long time. Fans always like change, especially when it's coming off of a 2-14 season. 
PJD: Andrew Luck has looked like everything people thought he would during the preseason. Are the rookie expectations for him tempered or through the roof right now?
CA: The rookie expectations are extremely high for Luck right now. Some fans have allowed themselves to even start to think playoffs, which makes no sense to me. After the Bears game, maybe more people will begin to lower their bar down to normal rookie quarterback levels, but I don't think that's possible. Fans are enamored with Andrew Luck, and until he has a really bad outing, it's going to stay that way. 
PJD: You guys got a new coach with a new quarterback, and honestly, I don't even know who it is. Who is it, what changes has he made to the team identity, and how do you feel about it all?
CA: The new head coach is Chuck Pagano, former defensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens. Pagano has a background in coaching the secondary, something that may be crucial for this club over the next ten years. It's hard not to like Pagano, who comes across as a player's coach, and is not afraid to address the media. He's brought a much more active, charging ahead, and it's one that fans resonate with. 
PJD: How is your offense shaping up? Similar to what Luck ran at Stanford? More run heavy to support the rookie QB? What can the Vikings defense expect?
CA: Against the Bears in the first week, the Colts ran the ball just 13 times, while dropping back to pass on over 50 plays. A little bit of disparity there. The coaches have said that they want to improve that, but with the offensive line failing to be consistent, that may not quite pan out. 
PJD: How about defensively? Freeney still scares my pants wet, but you got some quieter names at CB. Does it all start up front for you guys?
CA: Basically, if the Colts can't generate pressure on the quarterback, it's lights out. For the defense. The defensive backs haven't yet shown anything yet, getting torched by Cutler in Week One. There is potential there, but it needs to be developed. As far as pass rush goes, Dwight Freeney had an ankle injury last week that could keep him out of the game, but Robert Mathis will still be fighting.
PJD: As recent recipient of a new stadium (we're getting one too, new stadiums for everyone!), what has been the greatest boon of said stadium? Has it ever really had any affect on the team?
CA: It's been a few years since Lucas Oil Stadium was introduced, but aside from sprucing up that area downtown, there hasn't been any real effect on the team. Attendance has always been high, so the biggest effect has really been the amount of people that could fit for each game. The LOS isn't quite as lout as the old RCA (or Hoosier) Dome was, but it is a much more comfortable experience for fans. 
PJD: We all love our vocal punter Chris Kluwe. As a fan of another team, what do you know about him, and what have been your overall impressions of his sometimes shenanigans?
CA: Kluwe's name pops up everyonce in a while, mainly due to his commenting on places like Deadspin. As a fan of a team with our own rambunctious punter, Pat McAfee, I have no problem with players like McAfee and Kluwe sharing their feelings and interacting with fans. From my experience, fans love it, and most of the time it's not hurting anybody. 
PJD: Vikings win! Right? What's your game prediction?
CA: Homer pick. I think Andrew Luck is going to look a lot better against that Viking defensive backfield than Gabbert did, and the Colts pull out the 26-24 win.

Thanks again, guys! And be sure to jump over to their site now to read the answers I provided to their Q&A. 

PJD Game Preview up later today. You stay class, world.