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Adrian Peterson Answered Our Question in a Reddit AMA

Is that a humble-brag? Yes it is. But we'll get to that in a moment.

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson hosted a Reddit AMA yesterday, where he answered a bunch of questions from anonymous weirdoes. It wasn't quite as eventful as the one that Fred Smoot hosted (Okra Patch, anyone?), but it was both entertaining and insightful, particularly if you're a Vikings fan.

Certainly, some of the responses were fairly canned and run of the mill, but Peterson apparently did the event as a Wheaties promotional thing, so since he was repping another company of sorts, that's to be expected. But don't let that fool you! Some good insight was still had. I'd read the whole thing over on Reddit if I were you, otherwise, check out some of the highlights we cherry picked ourselves, including the question from us that he answered. WE'RE BASICALLY LIKE BEST FRIENDS NOW.

On who he thinks is the best NFL rookie RB prospect in the league this year:

eddie lacy, but he's on a passing team. but that was a real good pickup… that i didnt like

Booo! That fatso?! I hope he's not the best. That's not a very good endorsement for this year's class. Also, he's a stupid Packer and everything, so naturally we don't like that.

On what it was like playing himself on an episode of The League a while back:

it was cool. i like the show and it was fun just doing something outside of football and kind of going to a different career. doing cameos that's fun. and brooklyn decker wasn't bad to work with

Awww yiissssss, dat Brooklyn Decker flow. Get it son.

On whether he actually eats Wheaties for breakfast:

yes i do! with bananas. and im trying new muddy wheaties with chocolate milk. its scrumptious

There's nothing really noticeable about this, I just was really happy that Adrian Peterson wrote "scrumptious" on the internet.

On how he feels about the Purple Jesus recognition. Bad news, everyone:

mixed emotions. thats pretty funny but im a big on faith. i dont really like to be called purple jesus because there's only one. i get what theyre sayin though.

Welp, the blog has already been branded, so I apologize, but there's no turning back now. Sorry dude.

On other friends he has in the NFL, and a funny veiled shot at Percy Harvin:

larry fitzgerald is a guy im cool with, cromartie, sidney rice, percy, even though he only answers the phone every blue moon, arian foster, andre johnson, antonio smith, leon washington, jacoby jones

Larry, please demand a trade to Minnesota. Thanks. Also, am I imagining things, or is the "every blue moon" a subtle Randy Moss, weed smoking jab, at Percy Harvin? I doubt it, but would love that to be true.

On any pranks that team members have pulled. Burn this image into your brain, ladies:

not too many pranks but weve had jared allen come in to team meetings in a speedo and a cowboy hat. he is crazy

You will never be able to close your eyes again, I guarantee it.

Finally, my super boss question about what it was like having Pam Oliver ambush him after the Packers game last year asking something random about "9 yards" without him apparently knowing what it was in reference to:

it was a little confusing. 9 yards! i dunno it was bittersweet at the time because we had just won as a team, we were in the playoffs, knocked chicago out, but to be 9 yards short. i knew i didnt break it cuz they would have announced it. to get so close. thats the bitter part.

The feels, bro. I have them with you.

Anyway, lots more other stuff over there, so check it out. Try to get past all the fawning form fanboys (I never!) and enjoy the little insights. The details about how rigorous his knee rehab and training were are pretty graphic. Awesome.