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Adrian Peterson Loves The Wolverine

Adrian Peterson has many nicknames. Purple Jesus (hurray!), All Day, AD, the Ban Hammer, Your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Reincarnate … But I haven't heard this new one he's trying to push on all of us.

In a cross promotional effort with whatever, because it's ESPN and why not, after the jump you can watch a video of Adrian Peterson talking about how much he loves the character Wolverine from Marvel comic's X-Men. Is it worth your 30 seconds? Yes, probably.

It's a short video, but let's point a couple of things out here:

– Uh, Matt Kalil is in this video! When did he become a force in Minnesota Vikings marketing?! I mean, Jared Allen would seem like the perfect candidate to fit in this piece, or even Christian Ponder. But maybe neither of them have enough nerd cred to talk about comic books. Could Kalil actually be a comic book nerd? Did we lose a great opportunity by cutting Kluwe too early? He would have been perfect here. Either way, nice to see Kalil getting some exposure, even if he does look like he's 17 all the time. A big 17 year old, but whatever.

– I would like to point out that the comic book they're reading is the first volume of Wolverine, first issue, written by Chris Claremont who has had multiple awesome runs with said character and other comics. I mean, I highly doubt it's an original comic that Peterson is just thumbing through in the training room, OR that Kalil would just let someone take such a valuable comic out of its protective plastic covering, but I the cover does correspond. Just thought I should point that out.

– I would probably buy a Vikings jersey that was that large that said Wolverine on the back. That'd be awesome.

– The helmet hair! It's equally impressive and frightening. I mean, it's done awfully, right? Like it just looks bad, like some intern shaved Kalil's chest 45 minutes before filming and taped it onto the helmet. But it's part of that awfulness that makes it endearing, as well. And yes, as he references, those side burns, man. So hot right now.

– Hugh Jackman makes a cameo. It's not the worst thing he's done, I'd venture.

Anyway, I don't know when the ESPYs are, and I don't care because I think they're dumb. I will be going to see the new Wolverine movie because I'm a sucker for comic films no matter how bad they are, and of course Adrian Peterson is awesome.

Enjoy your Monday.