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Adrian Peterson’s Point of View During a Run Explains Little

Many NFL teams have had their players wear a helmet camera of some type during training camp this year, so fans can get an idea of what a player sees on the field. It's kind of a cool, first person point of view type thing, and typically offers some insight into how a quarterback scans the field, a receiver cuts his path, or a defender tracks the ball.

In the case of Adrian Peterson wearing a helmet cam? It explains NOTHING about how he is able to break 2,000 yards during a season. Full GIF after the jump.

Peterson Helmet Cam GIF

Now, don't get me wrong. Watching that is pretty much the pinnacle of my short existence thus far. It's like I'm INSIDE Adrian Peterson's head, and we just mind drifted like in Pacific Rim to control his body, which is the greatest Jaeger ever made. My whole body is tingly!

But this clip does absolutely nothing to explain why Peterson is so good. At least I don't think it does. Because when I watch this clip, I just see Christian Ponder barely able to hand off a ball, Jerome Felton getting in the way, several offensive linemen blocking my vision, and pretty much defenders and bad news all around. There's nothing about this that says, "HAHA, JK, I'M ACTUALLY RUNNING TO THE TOUCHDOWN SPOT UNTOUCHED!" and for some reason, that just blows my mind hat.

I mean, it shouldn't. Peterson does this type of ridiculousness all the time and no one thinks twice about it. But that's the crazy part, right? Especially when you get to see what he sees. Because there are at least three times in this clip where it's "Game Over" and yet he still trucks on.

Which is of course why he's Adrian Peterson, our Lord and Savior Purple Jesus, and I'm dreaming of mind melds.

Make sure to watch the full video at Vikings.com.