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AJ Jefferson Beat a Girl, Also Bad Enough At Football to Be Released

The Vikings are now down to five cornerbacks on the entire roster, after they released CB AJ Jefferson Monday. His release came along with the news that Jefferson had been arrested sometime early Monday for alleged domestic assault, but … when you end up getting cut by the team when these allegations come through, the term "alleged" is just there for legal purposes.

The move leaves the following big muscle for the Vikings at cornerback:

– Chris Cook
– Xavier Rhodes
– Marcus Sherels
– Josh Robinson
– Something called Shaun Prater. Isn't he the kicker for the Broncos?

Please keep in mind, this is the franchise who decided to cut Antoine Winfield to save money to sign Greg Jennings so they could make Christian Ponder better, and chose to keep AJ Jefferson over Bobby Felder. At this point, are you surprised by any of this? Because you shouldn't be.

In fact, the only surprising thing is that they cut the guy at all, given the team's history.

It was only two years and a month ago when Chris Cook himself was arrested and charged with a felony domestic assault. Amazingly, the team didn't end up cutting Cook when those allegations came to light. Instead, since he was a high draft pick and the team valued him more than they apparently value AJ Jefferson, they kept him around, pleaded ignorant on the legal case, and welcomed him back eventually to keep hitting people, but on the football field this time.

In fact, it was also only earlier this month when WR Jerome Simpson was arrested for drunk driving, too! But, since he's apparently Christian Ponder's favorite target, the team decided it was best to keep him around instead of punish him in any manner.

So the real question becomes; if AJ Jefferson was better at football, would he possibly still be on the team? Because apparently, if the Vikings have taught us anything, it's that you can beat the shit out of females if you're an NFL player and still keep your job, but only if you're a GOOD NFL player. If you suck at playing football, get a lot of penalties called against you, get burned pretty much every play, are a horrible person, and get Antoine Winfield cut in a round about way, WELL. You are just toast then. Hit the unemployment line, sucker.

Anyway. Nothing like a lost season to really start questioning why you cheer for a majority of a-holes, huh?