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Amazingly Accurate Face Generator Depicts Brett Favre as a Toothless Moron

I came across this little gem somewhere in the ancient recesses of the internet yesterday and …. honestly … I’m a bit worried I have an 8-bit camera trained on me somehow, because this shit be bonkers. It’s a website simply called “Turn Your Name into a Face” and holy mother of Chtulul is it accurate. For instance, I just had to type in “Brett Favre” to the name field and WHAM! A toothless balding yokel showed up. I dare your soul to depict him any better after a random generator. But his isn’t even the only one that’s frighteningly accurate. Check the rest out after the jump:

This is the representation of Purple Jesus. Pretty expected. Purple, looking like a bawwse, with a square ass jaw that just says “Imma gonna smush yo face.” I’m not sure what those pokey things are on the sides of his head. Must just be a cross, because why not.

This one is totally expected too. Oh, a dude who thinks he’s so smart he has the all-seeing eye in the middle of his forehead? Or are you so bald that your receding hairline just outed you as an alien? That might be it. It also looks like he’s crying, which I totally can see Childress doing just, ALWAYS. And I guess I don’t remember if he had big ears or not. I’m thinking no, but he could easily be compensating for something else.

Well, let’s see here. Slightly nerdy and effeminate? Looks like he’s came from California? Can’t take a joke? Probably needs glasses because he can’t catch the ball? More pink than true purple? It must be B! Hoooooraaaayy!

Finally, this is my favorite one. You take one look and you think “Well, this can’t be a football player! He looks like an insurance salesmen, some kind of do-gooder, with his hair parted and all proper!” Well, you’re right, it’s not a football player, it’s off the field champion, Madieu Williams!

Did you go try any out? Post your results in the comments.