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An Ode to the Vikings; A Collection of Team Related Haikus

brettfavrehaiku Brett Favre, You are the Barbaro of quarterbacks So please break a leg   Tarvaris Jackson If we could understand you You’d fair much better NFL/ John David Booty Is he man or is he myth? Or is he just stoned?   With a bethorned head And a heart full of anger Purple Jesus scores  dumb Brad Childress likes to Tricks reporters by wearing Peter Kings back hair   With mullet in tow Jen makes quick work Of your moms panties   A father, player And humanitarian He’s Darrion Scott   Two thirds of earth is Covered by water, the rest … In the endzone. Shit!  fredsmoothaiku Two girls and one cup Can’t hold a candle to our Two sided dildo   Did Sage Rosenfels Make a bad career choice by Skipping pilot school?   Percy Harvin is Grateful to play with PJ And, uh, the QB   When Favre signs with Vikes Packer fan tears will be shed; Cancer will be cured.  jackson Dear Mister Jackson, We regret to inform you You suck at QB.   Blowing a huge horn Purple paint with gold details Totally not gay  fantana If you’re wondering I do have a penis name I called it Shiancoe   Here’s a note to self; Protect your neck when you hunt With Jen   You’re not a Vikes fan? Your sins won’t be forgiven Signed, Purple Jesus  goat A choice of nailing A Pack fan or a dead goat You choose goat each time   Don’t worry Bears fans, Even when your team sucks balls, You’ll still have the Cubs!  Lions Packers Football It takes great effort, Heart, and determination, To lose sixteen games. Much thanks to the late Ravishing Rick Haiku for the inspiration. And please, start writing again …