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And On The First Day, Purple Jesus Scored

First and foremost, I could not even pretend to write this blog guilt free without mentioning the pure genius typically seen over at Kissing Suzy Kolber. With the thanks of Big Daddy Drew, a fellow disciple to Purple Jesus, he has helped spread the good word of our lord’s resurrection, in football pads, in order to bring us once again to the promised land, or at least out of the Metrodome.

Regardless, a couple of things should be made clear from the get go. First, I am neither a journalist nor an accomplished writer. I wrote a long story once in 9th grade, but it was much like the sports I follow; full of false hopes and whimsical beliefs, as well as gay jokes and hot chicks. Second, bear in mind that this whole thing will be a work in progress. I may post a lot; I may post not so often. Being that it is now the off-season when I am starting this blog, you may imagine that I will not have a lot of material to work with. That may be true, but I do have some ideas, obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t have started writing this. In addition, I may start weekly, recurring posts, written from different individuals points of views which will be completely fictitious, yet, hopefully, humorous.

Despite all of this I hope that anyone who drunkenly stumbles across this blog understands that above and beyond all I am here to celebrate my death wish that goes along with being a Vikings fan, and to entertain a couple of lurkers. If I fail to do both of those things, then that means that I should probably get signed to a 7 year, $65 million dollar contract. That is, until the Purple Jesus strikes me down for my ineptitude.