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And on the Seventh Day, He Played Football …

Purple Jesus

Oh, it be on now.

Welcome, new readers and old readers alike, who have happened to stumble across the Puprle Jesus Diaries. To put it bluntly, this is a terribly written, often times offensive, horribly innacurrate, simple minded, Minnesota Vikings and NFC North centric football blog that specializes in jokes about your small penis. We’re kind of like your mom, in that sense.

We hope you enjoy your stay and encourage RIDICULOUS amounts of participation. I would hope that the old readers show these stupid noobs how we Viking fans treat other fans, which is of course, poorly. More than anything, I hope you can laugh, talk football, gossip about your favorite player, and never forget that Purple Jesus is here to save your black soul. So go buy his jersey. Or wait, no, buy our t-shirts. WOO!

Keep reading. We’re glad to have you.