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And You Thought THIS Year’s Super Bowl Half Time Show Was Bad …

You want to know why Minnesota will never get another Super Bowl in a stadium here, ever again? Because of this:


More if you can handle it after the jump, plus, to make up for raping your eyes, my favorite Super Bowl Half Time show of all time. Also, follow that link above, because one of the gays guys that performed here and uploaded the video has interesting anecdotes about the whole experience. I don’t remember shit. I was playing with Ninja Turtles or something instead during this whole debacle.


And now with that all over, get your boners ready and your panties off, because we can all at least stake claim to the most arousing performance at a Super Bowl ever with Prince:


I will never get over the guitar-dick-shadow behind the curtains. My goodness. And he’s stroking the neck too! Pure genuis.