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Andy Reid is Excited to Potentially Retard his Offense

Ever since former Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress was fired in late November, many pundits have questioned where the former coach and coordinator would end back up. Surely, a man that JUST took his team to an NFC title game and was within a heat beat from the Super Bowl won’t remain unemployed for long, will he? There’s one head coach, and Childress friend, who would welcome him to his team with open arms.

“He’d really come in here and help us in our short yardage situations” said current Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid. “Third and eight? He would do wonders to help us complete a pass to Owen Schmitt for three yards in the flat.”

Brad Childress was once Andy Reid’s offensive coordinator in Philadelphia. He allegedly helped groom Donovan McNabb into a fearsome quarterback and was thought to be the mastermind behind the Eagles high flying offense. Yet once Childress left, the offense remained larely the same and, since Michael Vick has taken over the reigns, really turned it up another level to become one of the league’s most prolific. But Reid knows he’s missing something that the 2010 Eagles team hasn’t had since Childress left; moments of ineptitude.

“You know, when Brad was here we would really use our players out of position in ways we just haven’t since he left. We’ve learned to take risks and play into the strengths of our team, really, change our philosophy to match the players we have, and we just didn’t do that with Brad around.” Reid seemed to turn wistful when thinking back on those years. “I mean … you could almost always count on us to choke a game away, especially in a big moment through either playcalling or mismanagement of time, and we just haven’t been doing that this year.

“It really worries me that when it gets to crunch time THIS year, that if something goes wrong, I’ll be the one to blame. I’d love for Brad to come back and take some of that pressure off of me.”

Reid continued to speak about his options in contacting Childress. The two have spoken since Childress’ firing, Reid mention, and Reid offered his condolences and words of wisdom. He continued by saying he’ll broach the subject with Childress about returning to coaching “when the time is appropriate.” Pushed further when asked what he means by appropriate, Reid only said “like when I need a scapegoat.”