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Apparently the Favre Stars will Allign August 23, 2010
Even Favre is saying "WTF, Pat?" to these not so impressive predictions.

For some reason, Pat Kirwan of NFL.com has become a modern day Nostradamus. In a recent blog post, he elaborates about his amazing fortune telling skills, as last year, approximately around this time, he declared to a gaggle of bewildered onlookers at a celebrity golf tournament that Brett Favre would play for the Minnesota Vikings in 2009. AGHAST! HE WAS CORRECT! Time for him to get out his Carnac on again this year, as he puffs out his chest and makes THIS declaration:

I expect [Favre] to show up in Minneapolis (not Mankato State, where the Vikings hold training camp) about Aug. 23. That gives him almost a week to prepare for limited action in the third preseason game, at home against the Seahawks on Aug. 28. Favre would throw 15 to 20 passes, then skip the meaningless preseason finale, like he did last year. That would give Favre 17 days to prepare for the Sept. 9 season opener in New Orleans.

AMAZING! He’s done it again! The mind bending Kirwan has broken through to the fourth dimension! Idiot.

So we all know Favre is coming back. As the magnificent Kirwan notes though, the question is when. I wonder, would anyone want to start a pool for the date and time when the Favre announcement breaks? I don’t know how we would measure this. People can claim the day and an AM or PM slot (12:00 PM noon counts as PM!) with everyone getting one choice? Person closest to the day/time wins unless your day passes? And if you win you get … something? Like a personalized Mushroom Stamp of Approval picture? Can I write a sentence that ends in another question mark? Oh, good. I’m too broke to buy you a shirt right now. We’ll do that again for the upcoming fantasy league.

Anyway, let the betting begin! Leave your Brett Favre announcement choice in the comments. And you can choose that he just retires, but that’s like throwing your pick away, kind of like selecting Wes Johnson over Demarcus Cousins, you see.