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Are We Sure Vikings Aren’t Most Doomed Team?

There are six teams in the NFL this year that have started 0-3 (Apparently only five that are "surprising"). Technically, they are all doomed to a horrible hell, but according to ESPN, some of these teams are MORE doomed than others. In a recent poll they did on their "interactive" show Sportsnation (that is as appealing to view as a Jackson Pollock poop painting), they asked:

Which surprising 0-3 team is the most doomed?

And, yeah, I was as surprised by these findings as you were.

I mean, can you believe it?! Minnesota and Wisconsin fans agreed on something!

Haha, but no, seriously, Pittsburgh is the most doomed? Please. They signed a solid offensive linemen, a big time receiver, draft some stud defensive support guys, and they're right back in the mix of it. There is no way that they are the most doomed 0-3 team in the country. I mean, they still have a quarterback who has won two Super Bowls on their roster. I would jerk off a donkey to have that on our team, whether he won the Super Bowls with the Vikings or not. And a competent head coach?! What is this fresh wet dream? We had Mike Tomlin and let him slip through our fingers. Idiots.

I don't know. The Bucs may be pretty bad, but clearly, the point here is the Vikings are the worst team and it's not even close. I do hate to say this, but Wisconsin is the only state that know what the hell is going on. Maybe it's because they are so close to the action, or because they just hate us anyway, and in this case, it's completely justified. The 2013 Vikings are a pretty easy team to hate, because they suck so bad.

So in conclusion, what the hell, country. This time, and only this time, let Wisconsin lead the way in your decisions. Oh yeah, and in the whole union thing too. TROLLOLOLOLOL.