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Awkward Family Photos: Packers Edition

I do have to give credit to We’ll Never Forget You Brent, who posted this picture on their Facebook wall, of what I guess Minnesota Vikings fans would just consider to be an average, run-of-the-mill day in rural Wisconsin during the 1990’s. Yes, that hideous green monstrosity the elderly man is wearing does in fact appear to be a Green Bay Packers article of clothing, and yes, this photo was likely taken sometime around when the Packers won the Super Bowl and ha ha, the Vikings don’t have any. This, however, is no excuse for taking this photo.

So let’s dig a little deeper and see what we can find, shall we?

– Clearly, they both have broken legs, which is outrageous. Do you think they were kick boxing each other and as they went up in a simultaneous kick their legs snapped around each other like Dark Helmet and Lone Star fighting with a Schwartz? That would have been a gem to have seen.

– The logo in the middle of the green sweat shirt most definitely be accounted for as a Packers logo. But the lettering? I’m at a loss for what it reads. The bottom texts almost looks like it reads “LULZ” but I somehow don’t think that’s true. Any takers and decipher what it reads, if you can stand to look at the picture long enough?

– The lady here has amazing red hair. As does her creepy as cat which is sitting in the window over her shoulder. What the hell people, come on.

– Is the lady wearing shorts or is she just repping some gang with the pant leg rolled up? Obviously, I don’t want to run into her as she is assuredly a Packer fan, but her gang affiliation would also weigh into the reasons.

– That guy is way too damn happy to have a broken leg.

I’m sure there are plenty of embarrassing, disgusting, arousing? pictures of Vikings fans, families, and more out there, so if you come across one send them our way and we’ll feature them here as well. We ARE an equal opportunity fan dissing blog, after all.