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UPDATE: Brett Favre Likes Horndoggery?

Sweet Jesus, this could be gold. Deadspin started talking yesterday about a juciy bit of news that will make Saint Favre perhaps not such an everyday Joe as one would think. Except for the Crocs reference. That would mean he’s an everyday Wisconsin Joe. But submitted to Deadspin from some anonymous reader:

PS, when the texts/pics/calls started… [Redacted] asked Peter King about the phone number.. and King said he didn’t have that number for him. So this is a completely separate bat phone that no one including his best friends knows about. He’d ask me to send him video again.. or some shit every once in a while.. like I “did before’.. (and I never did) which means, this scum bag prolly was doing this to multiple women…

I don’t want to get famous for this.. or have anything to do with this.. but.. I hate the fact that every one loves on this guy when I can’t even stand to watch his wranglers commercials.

What could it be?!? Sexting? Photos of his aging testicles?? Did he poop in someone’s shoes?! My Lord, it’s as if all of my unbridled and totally worthless hatred for him will be vindicated, even if it’s nothing more than him slapping women’s asses like they’re football players!

I, for one, am QUITE excited. As you can tell. By looking at my pants. And the slowly growing wet spot. Hm?


Yeah, it’s as gross as you thought.