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Chat With Greg Jennings Today on Facebook, Ask About His Achilles

THE Greg Jennings, famed Minnesota Vikings wide receiver, is scheduled to take part in a FedEx Facebook live chat Tuesday, November 19, 2013 at 5:30 PM CT.

Jennings joins … chat host, I guess? … KFAN's Paul Allen for the chat, where the two of them will scour through all of the submitted questions and answer them in kind. I'm guessing they'll just be filtering out the swears, so watch your mouths, children.

You can join the chat by clicking the link HERE at 5:30 PM CT. Then, start leaving your questions for Jennings using the hashtag #AskJennings, either on the feed itself, on FedEx's Facebook page as a comment, the event page itself … Pretty much wherever. This is 2013. People will find you online.

But what questions SHOULD you ask? We provide some below to get you started:

– Greg, is your Achilles tendon REALLY injured, or did you just foresee the blood bath the Seattle game was going to be and decided to create a plausible injury to not play in the game? Because that's what I would have done.

– Greg, Wisconsin is awful, we all know this. But what makes Minnesota SOOO much better? Is it the self respect? It has to be the self respect.

– Greg! Over here! Are you more nervous or terrified to return to Lambeau this weekend? Assuming you play.

– Hey Greg, first time, long time. Why did you choose jersey number 15 again? You probably mentioned it but I forgot.

– Mr. Jennings, what's your favorite new restaurant to take wifey to in the Twin Cities? Have you been to the Strip Club? No, I mean the restaurant in St. Paul.

– Greg, one final question/comment. I'm sorry about the quarterback situation. It was never suppose to turn out like this. However, if we draft a rookie QB who turns out to be a stud, will you promise to make ridiculous catches to help his development? Thanks in advance.

So make sure to head over to FedEx's live chat page at the appropriate time to ask the hard hitters, here. I'm happy to promote this, because it sounds like we'll get another signed jersey item to share with our fair readers. Last time, it was a signed Christian Ponder jersey, which I apologize for. This is at least a little cooler, so help us out.