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Chris Kluwe Has an Opinion on the NFL Lockout


Chris Kluwe, punter for the Minnesota Vikings and robustly known for his white board antics, decided to go all Web2.0 with his commentary and create an internet meme video which shares his feelings about the NFL lockout.

This video, which was released sometime last week and based on a true story of what Hitler probably said word-for-word back when he was alive and all that stuff, might just be the magic formula to convince the players and owners to get their poop shoots together and strike a deal before we actually start missing football related stuff, important stuff, like the Hall of Fame games, pre-season, training camp all-stars and more.

Rumor has had it over the weekend that today, Monday, would be the time when the NFL announced a new deal is in place. Throughout the weekend, there have been pieces here and there which hint at a new deal being close. Noteworthy items include:

  • Owners dropping their push for an 18-game schedule
  • Players receiving unrestricted free agency after just four years in the league (which is bullshit), including no “right of first refusal” for the free agency class of this year meaning see ya later Sidney Rice and Ray Ray
  • Retired players getting shit on because who gives a damn about those old dudes, there are people who want to become new right right now forgetting the fact that they will become an old retired player with droopy balls in about five years.

Whatever the final details are, I honestly don’t give a shit. As Kluwe so aptly put, these are millionaires fighting over billions of dollars while the rest of the world is barely staying afloat in one of the worst economic climates in the history of the world. What a bunch of choad lickers. Get me my new deal and let this miserable existence which is my life go back to normal for one day a week as I watch modern day slaves dance and tackle for money. Or whatever.

Either way, there’s probably a new CBA around the corner today, free agency on the 25 of July, and football on the horizon. All thanks to Chris Kluwe calling people out. Hurray!