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Chris Kluwe: Still Pretty Much Cooler Than Everyone

Good morning everyone. Welcome to Friday, a day which doesn’t really suck. It’s not as good as Saturday, but possibly better than a normal Sunday, only because you don’t have to go to work tomorrow. Sunday still likely wins because of football though, because FOOTBALL. Regardless, to get you started on this beautiful day, I just wanted to give you a quick reminder that Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is still pretty much cooler than everyone.

And thanks to an article he wrote this week on Deadspin about the debacle that is the replacement refs, we learn that Kluwe has a friend on the field that might be just as cool:

That friend is not someone who is new and surprising. That friend is Cullen Loeffler, who Kluwe has stood up for multiple times throughout their playing history together. Whether it’s been to get his friend into a Madden video game finally, or trash talking Kerry Meier for being a dick nose and offering out cheap hits, Kluwe’s got Loeffler’s back. And now thanks to this quote from Kluwe’s Deadspin article, it’s pretty easy to see why the two like each other. In reference to things he’s seen gone wrong with the replacement refs during the preseason as an NFL player, Kluwe shared this anecdote:

We walked out for a punt, and my long snapper didn’t feel like going over to the other hash. What did he do? He told the ref, “No, you have the ball in the wrong place. Move it over here.” And what did the ref do? HE MOVED THE BALL. No! Bad ref! Have some confidence in your abilities—you tell us what to do, not the other way around. (I absolutely murdered the subsequent punt by the way, so that was cool.) I haven’t personally seen it, but I’ve heard of coaches berating the replacement refs in other games and getting penalty flags picked up. I’m sure that won’t be a problem in a real game, though. I can’t picture Belichick or Harbaugh losing his shit at a ref if he thought it would give his team a tactical advantage. Totally out of character.

I don’t know why, but I kind of find that hilarious. I’m not sure if Cullen decided to move the ball to the different hash for a strategic purpose, but it’s a lot more enjoyable in my head if I think he did it because he was lazy. “Ah shit, we have to walk all the way over there? No way, bro. HEY REF! THE BALL IS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE! Yeah, that’s good. Whatever, let’s punt.” This team is enjoyable because they’re kind of like me; lazy but with Adrian Abs! …….. Except only one of those things is true about me.

Make sure to head over to Deadspin to read the rest of the article. There is – of course – plenty more Kluwe goodness.