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COLD HARD FACTS: Aaron Rodgers Loves the Vikings

Packer fans are silly, ugly types, that at this VERY MOMENT are probably drinking toilet beer and picking at belly button lint. They are, however, doing these things while mentally preparing themselves to watch their favorite team in the Super Bowl on Sunday so, aaaayyyyyeeee, got me there.

However, Mr. Packer Fan, let it be known that all of your quarterback are belong to us, now.

Yes, that’s right. This is a picture of Aaron Rodgers wearing a shirt that says VIKING FOOTBALL willfully, a CLEAR sign that he is huge fan of the Minnesota Vikings. “But PJD, it says VIKING, without the S! It can’t be the Minnesota Vikings!” Sorry, douche taco, you never call your singular man crush a Green Bay Packer? It’s the same thing! Aaron Rodgers just fucking LOVES the horns! *Makes humping motion while thrusting hips* Even worse? The logo that this shirt belongs to is a blatant theft project from the high school team Rodgers played at in Pleasant Valley HS in Chico, CA:

“Ha, good try dip shit, but those aren’t even the Vikings colors, IT’S BLUE! The Minnesota Vikings are purple, like girls!” Oh really, how do you know anything about girls? And strike two, queef cocktail, because the baby blue color is called a THROWBACK to the Minneapolis Lakers days! It’s a classic NFL marketing trick where they produce shirts and jerseys and all sorts of worthless crap in different colors than the team’s actual scheme. You think the Packers actually have this in their wardrobe somewhere?

Well, maybe some of them do. That’s a bad example, but I think you get the point. When it’s all said and done, you just can’t escape the truth; Aaron Rodgers, going into the biggest game of his life, just outed himself as a huge fan of one of your biggest rivals. On top of this, Favre is going to come back and win the Super Bowl for the Bears next season too, just to give you panty twirls something else to bitch about. Photographic evidence here:

Enjoy losing on Sunday, assholes.