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Daunte Culpepper Got His Roll On One Last Time

It seems like only yesterday the Minnesota Vikings had a Jedi Master on their roster. Then Randy Moss got traded, Nate Burleson broke his legs and went to Seattle, and gruesome knee injuries scarred Vikings fans for life before Purple Jesus healed our fears.

We refer to that period as the "Daunte Culpepper Years", and I for one look upon them fondly. A pudgy, quick footed man with small cabbage hands, throwing deep balls like he taught Jay Cutler how to throw an interception, and always looking for an opportunity to "Get His Roll On", Culpepper was a quintessential Viking, and apparently a fan favorite, as he was announced as the quarterback of the "All-Mall of America Field Team", or really, the Metrodome Team.

Culpepper was on hand last Sunday when the team was announced, and he gladly rolled one last time for us.


God, it's a thing of beauty. He looks like he could still run through an Okra Patch too, ya know? Would definitely take him out on the field right now over Christian Ponder.

The entire list of All-Metrodome Team members in and of itself is kind of interesting. The full list (seen here) certainly indicates that Vikings fans have had a boner recently for the big play receivers, as Randy Moss, Cris Carter, and Percy Harvin were all voted on (Harvin as a return specialist). It was also nice to see Chris Kluwe as the fan favorite punter of the Metrodome era, as we all know he was loved much in the Cities, but it's nice to have very obvious validation in fan voting. I'm sad not to see Pat Williams listed here, but when your competition is Kevin Williams (A Vikings lifer, hopefully?!) and John Randle, you're kind of up shit creek.

And oddly enough, no Ken Irvin at CB, or Brian Russell at safety?! Travesty!

Anyway, here are some Culpepper highlights to brighten your day. Stay forever young, Jedi Master.