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Daunte Culpepper Writes an Open Letter to Lions Fans

Former Vikings franchise quarterback Daunte Culpepper has certainly had his ups and downs since being traded from the franchise to the Dolphins in 2006. Since then, he has quarterbacked the Dolphins, the Raiders, retired, and is now the quarterback for the woeful Detroit Lions. Recently, Daunte shared his optimism with his new team in a Detroit newspaper spread …

Oh, hello ...
Oh, hello ...

“Dear Lions Fans,

I, Daunte Culpepper, player and agent for Daunte Culpepper, want to take some time out of your day to thank you, the fans, and the entire Detroit Lions organazation for giving me this wonderful opportunitie to be the leader for your favorite football team and to guide them to a winning season, and as always, with asprations of getting to the Super Bowl.

I promise all of you that I will work extra hard to help my team rebound from a embarrassing NFL record season and make sure that the product on the field is something that everyone can be proud of, and enjoy.

Already I have worked to lose over 30 pounds this offseason in an effort to slim my body down, make me faster and healthier to face the challanges of the NFL season. I am excited to do these things in an effort to lead the rest of my team by example and to define the idea of leadership in the eyes of my teamates and within the organazation.

Once again, thank you for this opportunitie to lead this franchize into a new era for many years to come and I promise you that I will do everything in my power to bring a roar back to the Lions franchize!


Daunte Culpepper, agent, player, fan, human.”

/Door flies open


l%k, d hol team S Bhnd me!
l%k, d hol team S Bhnd me!

“Hai Daunte! Wat’re u doin W my ftbl? LOLZ! dis S my team. gt b2 d clip board, tubbo!”


/Daunte sad face