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Dear Farvaro, Do Something, or Get the F*ck off the Stage!
Wat? Of course I'll play QB. LULZ!
Wat? Of course I’ll play QB. LULZ!

I don’t want to give this a Shawn Zobel breaking news tag, and quite frankly, STEPHEN A. SMITH STYLE!!, I wouldn’t even report this if it didn’t mean that Jackson could potentially hold a clip board all season, but guess what? Farvaro and Childress are going to talk about the MVP coming to play footballskies with the Vikings in 2009 sometime next week, allegedly.

Also, allegedly, Purple Jesus did not give the swine flu to 30+ broads in the metro area last night, and Percy Harvin was allegedly not at mini camp this past weekend because he was dehydrated, allegedly, and not more glassy eyed than Chris Kluwe’s Real Doll. Again, allegedly.

Seriously though, if Childress gets Favre on this team, he will have accrued quite the impressive collection of 39-something quarterbacks in a rather short time with the Vikings. I anticipate McNabb in purple in about four years. Onward, you quarterback collector, you!