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Did the Refs Help the Vikings Win in Washington????!

If there is one thing we know about the Internet, it’s that if there is a bog post headline with multiple question marks, then you know it must be true. In this case though, it actually might be. Because of the photographic evidence and all …

This is a picture that a kind soul chaztopher on Twitter posted. Chaztopher. It reminds me of the Rocktober name that the Colorado Rockies coined when they made the playoffs, like, once, or Brendan Frazier’s name in the movie Airheads, which was fucking stellar, by the way. Anyway, Chaztopher seemed a bit upset that the block in the back was called on the Redskins negated punt return but not on the above play, which I believe was on Favre’s 17 minute mile run to clinch the game for your now 4-7 Vikings.

My take? Whatever. This is who Phil Loadholt is, and no game should ever come down to penalties from who the fans are certain are a bunch of biased refs. If you’re a good enough team, you kick the shit out of someone and then if you get called for holding or roughing the passer it doesn’t matter because you’re already up by 35 points in the first quarter. The fact that this game was so close against a 2010 Vikings opponent just means that both of these teams are shit.

And the NFL is cheating to get Brett Favre to the playoffs one last time, but we can over look that.