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Domestic Abuse Cases Rise Sunday Evening in Wisconsin
Not the actual guy, but probably a healthy representation.

A Grant County man apparently let the Green Bay Packers’ loss to the Arizona Cardinals get the better of him Sunday night.

Grant County sheriff’s officials say the 45-year-old Lancaster man was arrested for domestic abuse after he grabbed his wife around the neck Sunday night screaming “where’s the facemask call! Tuck rule! Reggie White save us!” Sheriff’s deputies say he told investigators he was ornery over the Packers’ 51-45 playoff loss to the Cardinals and that he would “find that BJ Novak-looking quarterback and get him if it was the last thing” he’d do. Charges of stalking and death threats were also then tacked on to the domestic abuse charge.

He was taken to the Grant County Jail where he met several other Packer fans wallowing in despair and was later released after posting bond, muttering the entire way out “I wish we still had Favre.” His wife, who released a brief statement Monday morning, said “and that’s why I was cheering for Kurt. He’d never choke his wife, because she’d beat him up first, and he’s a God fearing man! The only thing you fear is a vagina!”

No incidents have been further reported between the lovely couple.